Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The "LOLWTFOMG" Post of the Year

Ok, maybe I shouldn't be laughing about this... it seems pretty serious, but I for some reason found it funny anyways. I actually feel bad about laughing, because laughter was probably the inappropriate response! There's so much going on right now with Mike, with all the new shows, and contests. I had so much to post today, but I stumbled upon this little LOLWTFOMGoodness gem that I could not pass up posting. All those real updates can wait until tomorrow. This was just priceless.

I was doing my ritual Google search for the blog this morning, when somehow I wound up on a forum with a bunch of women talking about sex and intimacy questions. Naturally, when women talk sex, somehow Holmes on Homes inevitably gets brought up (can't imagine why that would happen so often). The post was from a Canadian woman who allegedly dated Mike Holmes in the early-to-mid 1990's. The post is also 3 years old, so add a few years to all her figures.

My son got in trouble at school over Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes

Mike and I began dating when my son was 6 months old, and we separated when he was 5 years old. In the beginning he would wake up with nightmares calling out for Mike, then over time that went away. He is 14 now and in school they all had to watch his show for their wood working class. My son told his teacher that he didn't want to watch the show and asked to leave. his teacher said no.. well it ended up that Krystian left anyway and then received a detention. We have kept our ex relationship with mike much of a secret and it is clear that Krystian harbours ill feelings. Should the teacher just have accepted the fact that Krystian didn't want to watch the show for whatever reason? And how do I now help Krystian with his hurt over Mike.

- Asked by wasaga, Female, 36-45, Toronto, Self-Employed


First, here's my Holmes Spot disclaimer. As we all know anything you read on the internet may or may not be true. That said, please don't take anything you read here as gospel!

On the assumption that what this lady posted is factually correct, wow... I feel terrible for that kid. Sounds like they dated pretty seriously, and the poor kid got attached to Mike. It's pretty vague as far as the details go, so it's kinda hard to tell what happened. Although...I somehow get the impression that she considers it a feather in her cap to say she dated Mike Holmes. Don't blame her for that, but don't exploit your teenage son because you want to brag you dated a celebrity before he was a celebrity.

I'm a child of a single mother who dated, so I can understand the whole "hurt" factor when it comes to attachment and detachment, especially after a 5 year relationship. But being that there was no abuse involved (because if there had been, I'm pretty she would have boldly announced it) I can't imagine harboring soul crushing animosity for a decade over one of my mother's ex-boyfriends. It seems a little strange to me, just speaking from experience.

Reading some of the responses to this woman, which were generally sympathetic, I get the impression that most people didn't fully swallow her melancholy story either. To paraphrase one user "I'm not sure why someone would have feelings for someone he hasn't seen in 9 years, but perhaps some counseling would be appropriate." I concur. Or they can settle it the guy way. Just call up Mike's peeps and arrange a boxing match. Mike and the kid could go out back and beat the crap out of each other, and then all would be well in the universe.

And that was the Holmes Spot LOLWTFOMG post of the year.

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  1. No need to reply but as a single mom of a teenage boy...boys need their dads especially in their teen years. I don't know the totality of the situation and I am taking a best guessed estimate on the following. This teen sounds like 1. he needed a positive male role model in his life during the teen years. 2. Mike Holmes was that for him in his formative years. 3. this teen might have abandonment issues with both his bio dad and then with Mike Holmes.

    Feather in her cap, notch on her garter belt whatever sounds like mom/son could use some therapy. Her because she is out of touch with her son and gloating over the fact that she dated Mike Holmes. Him because he needs and outlet for the anger issue he has with regards to that past relationship with Mike Holmes.