Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Skills Canada 2012 National Competition

Yesterday, Mike Holmes, official Skills Canada spokesman, was hanging out in Edmonton with Team Nova Scotia for the Skills Canada National Competition. From Mike's Facebook page:
In Edmonton to cheer on the 2012 Skills Canada / Compétences Canada National Competition. I love the energy here - very inspiring!
A message from Mike was also posted on the official Skills Canada page:
 “Supporting the skilled trades has been an important part of my work and what I do because I understand the incredible value they bring to every industry. Skilled trades people are responsible for taking ideas and concepts, and turning them into real, tangible things. They literally build and shape the world around us,” said Mike Holmes in a message of support to Skills Canada – Nova Scotia.
“Skilled trades are important to the economic stability of our country. They build our homes and office buildings; assemble and fix our cars, trucks, trains and jets; theyʼre involved with robotics, computer graphics, welding and so much more! They are among our countryʼs most crucial resources.”
Holmes explained that he cares about the work he does, takes pride in his craft, and always does his best to give people the quality they expect with the integrity they deserve. He said he is a proud supporter of Skills Canada because it promotes this kind of work ethic.
“Skills Canada helps Canadian youth involved in vocational education and training develop a sense of pride in their skill, which doesnʼt just affect the quality of work they produce but shapes the kind of people they become.”
In October 2011, Mike Holmes (official Skills Canada spokesperson), traveled to London, England to support Team Canada at the WorldSkills competition. While there, he met “some of our countryʼs best and brightest – some of the most skilled and determined youth in the world!” Among them was Aaron Hebb of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, who took home an international medal in car painting. Hebb earned his spot at WorldSkills by winning gold at the Skills Canada National Competition in 2010, and as a champion in his trade, took his skill to the next level at World’s and won bronze, marking the first time a Nova Scotian competitor has received a medal at the global event.
“Nothing inspires me more than seeing the future, the next generation of trades people, achieve that kind of success!” Holmes said in his letter. “To Aaron, and each of the other 33 competitors who represented their province, their country and their trade . . . thank you! Thanks for your single-minded dedication to a craft and for investing countless hours, energy, blood, sweat and maybe even a few tears to produce the best work you can. If youʼre winning a medal at WorldSkills, you know youʼre doing something right!”

More Photos:
The Holmes Spot

The Holmes Spot

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