Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mike Holmes Original Painting and Overalls Up For Auction

As if Mike Holmes didn't receive enough strange requests for help, this year Mike was asked to submit a some original artwork for the Georgina Arts Centre's ArtXtreme celebrity art challenge. The painting, a "simple garden angel," will be auctioned off to support children's art programs. Because no one could possibly be interested in Mike Holmes painting anything but a piece of drywall, he also submitted a pair of his old used overalls, signed. Hopefully he washed them first. I'm of couse being cheeky, I'd love to see Mike's mad art skills in motion. And as far as a pair of his overalls... I'd rather not comment about what I might or might not do with those. Anyways, here's the article, from YorkRegion.com:

Mike Holmes' signed overalls on block

Going up against original Robert Bateman piece

DINAH CHRISTIE. Dinah Christie holds up an original Robert Bateman commissioned for this year's ArtXtreme celebrity art challenge June 2 at the ROC.. Handyman celebrity Mike Holmes also painted a canvas, which will go with a pair of overalls he has worn for one year - signed! submitted photo
ARTXTREME WHEN: June 2 from 2 p.m. to midnight featuring licensed patio WHERE: The ROC chalet, $10 in advance/$15 at gate, features free bus shuttles from Keswick and Sutton. Call 905-722-9587 or e-mail www.gacag.com for more details.
Four years ago, I met renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman and asked him if he would paint a canvas for our Dinah Christie Celebrity Challenge.
He was kind enough to oblige in support of our children’s art programs.
Since then, he has continued to send signed prints every year, but this year I decided to ask for another original painting.
I knew my chances were slim because, as his staff explained, he has a long list of large commission works and very little time for extras.
“That’s okay,” I said, “Can you just sit my empty canvas beside his easel in case he gets the urge one day?” Two months later, the freshly painted canvas arrived.
Three years ago, I asked Canada’s most recognizable professional contractor and TV celebrity Mike Holmes if he would accept the Dinah Christie Challenge and, with extreme trepidation, he took a canvas.
After only a few calls back to me to check that he was “doing it right”, he had finished a lovely canvas of a simple garden angel. This March, Mike and his crew were at the MegaSpeed Custom Car & Truck Show at the International Trade Centre and our ArtXtreme Team had a booth around the corner.
Having already accepted this year’s art challenge, Mike told me that he never paints unless it’s on drywall and that there are only three pieces of his work out there – two of which were done for ArtXtreme.
He can’t figure out why anyone would want a piece of his artwork, so he’s also submitting a package along with the canvas that includes a pair of his famous overalls that he has worn for more than a year – and they’ll be autographed.
Bateman and Holmes in an art auction together – now that is ArtXtreme!
ArtXtreme is live country and soft rock music with 10 bands, ribfest and delectables, the Dinah Christie Celebrity Challenge auction, live artists exhibiting in the Artisans Walkway, KidzArt Zone full of children’s art activities, Eddie Shack and his sports art (signed NHL jerseys up for auction), radio, filmmaking, licensed patio, TV and last year’s newest art form addition ... the official summer MegaSpeed Custom Cars & Trucks Show.
As a registered charity, the Georgina Arts Centre is thrilled to bring our ArtXtreme event to the new ROC facilities this year and we hope you bring your families for a great day of fun and enjoyment of all of these art forms. There is literally something for everyone.

Oh, and just to supplement this article, I also looked up the Georgina Arts Centre for more information. Their ArtXtreme 2012 newsletter mentions Mike and the Holmes Foundation. Definately worth checking out. PDF Link.

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