Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mike Holmes Tattoo Watch 2012

A couple months ago, I think around February or March of this year, Mike Holmes had the two tattoos redone on his arms. On his right arm, he had a small cobra, and on his left, he had a bulldog, along with a more recent 2006 addition of "Make It Right."

Both were souvenirs of his teenage years. Also, both were placed rather poorly and in desperate need of a little maintenance, two things which are very uncharacteristic for Mike Holmes. So, Mike decided to make it right, and have his tattoos covered up with some new artwork. What that artwork is, is as of now, a mystery, and will not be officially revealed until September. In fact, there was a contest for Holmes fans to guess Mike's mystery ink and win a prize. Well Mike, maybe you should be a liiiiitle more careful about your wardrobe choices, because there have been several peek-a-boo's on the internet as of late. Here's the latest, this one from a article.

 The Holmes Spot

Not a full reveal, but Mike, did you mean to show so much skin, you f&#$ing tease?!!! This has definitely got my interested piqued. Cant wait to see the unveiling in September. Looks like Mike has doomed himself to a summer of long sleeves, good luck trying to keep them bad boy biceps under wraps.

6/5/12 UPDATE - Mike revealed his tattoos early. View the full story.

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