Friday, January 11, 2013

Mike Holmes Inspection: RecallChek

For many many moons now, Mike Holmes has been encouraging homeowners to get informed about their homes. In an attempt to educate people about the home inspection aspect of buying a home, Mike did an entire series Holmes Inspection which ran for three years on HGTV. And then of course, there's the the manual for every homeowner, buyer, and seller, "The Holmes Inspection," Mike's best selling book which has been out on the shelves now for quite some time. Last year, Mike started a home inspection company for home buyers in Canada to get an inspection from a professional that gets the coveted Holmes stamp of approval.

Here's Mike's introduction, which can be found on

In the last week, this video went online on the Inspector Services YouTube channel. It's a video about RecallChek, a service offered during a Mike Holmes Inspection in which all appliances in the home are check to make sure there are no recalls currently in effect.

Sounds awesome!

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