Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hold on...

OK, so I've been working on a special post, a 2012 YEAR IN REVIEW, but it's become a little more of an involving project than I initially expected. And since we do things right around here, I figured I'd take one more day to put the finishing touches on the project so that all you Holmes Spot readers get the highest quality post you've hopefully come to expect!

In the meantime, enjoy this totally irrelevant, completely gratuitous Mike Holmes video from 2010. It deals with the issue of grow houses and home inspections. As any Holmes fan knows, Mike did an episode of Holmes on Homes called "Gone to Pot" which dealt with the issue of a woman's home which had been used as a grow house. The house was totally trashed from the inside out, and of course had tons of mold. Sit back, kick up your feet and enjoy this video, a clip from the Canadian investigative news show Marketplace, and I'll see you tomorrow (hopefully) with my Holmes Spot 2012 YEAR IN REVIEW!

Link: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/2010/grow_op_cover_up/main.html

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