Monday, January 14, 2013

What Scares You About Renovating?

I found this blog entry by Mountainside Build and Design, a Vancouver based custom home builder, interesting and a little bit funny too! While it's not about Mike per se, it touches on how Mike's shows such as Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection have changed how many people approach home renovation. Watching copious amounts of Holmes on Homes without any kind of reference or perspective can turn people into homeowner hypochondriacs who fret and worry about what could be lurking behind their own walls! Not to worry, though. In the spirit of Mike Holmes, this company is using education to combat homeowners' fears. They don't dare promise a bunch of good looking men (and women) showing up on your door step with jack hammers and nail guns, but they do promise to earn your trust, and that sounds pretty good to me.
January 10, 2013 | by Jake Kostelyk
What Scares You About Renovating?

{Image courtesy of HGTV}

Mike Holmes is the leading name in Canadian Renovations. He can renovate an entire home in 21 minutes (plus commercials) and rescues homeowners from deceiving, dishonest contractors on a daily basis. Joking aside, he's a very good spokesman for our industry, and knows his stuff!

I get to meet with many home owners considering renovations. Many of them have watched HGTV. Most of them watch Holmes on Homes, which leaves them with many questions;

Are all contractors crooked?
Is there really that much rot in every house?
Are the guys that show up to renovate going to be that strong and good looking?
The answer is no, no, and sometimes (depending on who you hire).

Fear of crooked contractors and rot/mould issues almost always lead to more fears:
- fear of aesbestos
- blowing the budget
- improper workmanship
- not knowing what's happening

A renovation is a large investment, and naturally, causes people to stress.

Here at Mountainside, we've implemented specific systems and programs to ensure that we can address these fears and concerns BEFORE any construction starts:

1. We now offer firm commitments on cost AND scheduling. This way you'll know how much the project is going to cost, and how long it's going to take.
2. We use offer written contracts, as well as a detailed design and scope of work and specifications document. This means you'll know what your project is going to look like, what products are being used, and what the terms of the agreement are BEFORE we swing the first hammer.
3. We offer a written warranty program for both renovations and new homes.
4. We use an online Project Management system which keeps you, the home owner, informed and connected at all times.
4. We crawl around your house BEFORE the project starts. By reviewing your existing plumbing, checking out your electrical panel and sampling the wall and flooring for aesbestos, we can start construction without major questions or unknowns.

But what about the problems hidden BEHIND the wall? Occasionally, we find a large patch of mould behind a shower. On other occasions, we'll uncover improper wire hidden behind the drywall. There are certain things that are, as we call it, unforeseeable. If we can not possibly find out something before we start construction, we will bring up any suprises to you directly, and provide you with the best course of action.

Surprise birthday parties are fun. Surprise mould and rot is not fun. Our goal is to earn your trust, and provide you with a stunning home, and just as importantly, a stress-free (and even ENJOYABLE) process.

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