Monday, January 21, 2013

The Sonne Side of Life

While perusing Mike's Facebook page, I found this video, posted by All American Handyman contestant and grand prize winner Sonne Shields. Sonne was judged by Mike and Scott Mcgillivray to be the "All American Handy[wo]man" on season three of the show, which aired last year on HGTV. Part of the prize package was a development deal... so where's the Sonne show? I'd love to see one! In the meantime, I guess Sonne's been busy showing off her skills on YouTube. Here's a video that Sonne posted to Mike's Facebook a couple days ago, with the added question "did I make it right Mike?"

In the video, Sonne and Dave replace a door that was damaged by a burglar.


  1. I myself have wondered what happened with all the so called development deals the winners of All-American Handyman were supposed to get. There have been 3 winners so far and I haven't seen anything from anyone. What a sham that show is!

    1. I wouldn't blame the show. I think HGTV is the culprit as the development deal is through them.