Saturday, September 22, 2012

Holmes Makes It Right - A Slew of Updates

Yesterday, Facebook was a buzz with a whole lot of updates regarding Mike's new show, Holmes Makes It Right, set to air October 2012 (if you're Canadian, but more on that later).

First of all:

I'm happy to announce the offical launch of the Holmes Makes It Right Facebook Page! My team just posted photos of my crew and some behind the scenes shots from site. More to come!

Looking through the crew, there are some very familiar faces, but a few new ones too:

Blake Steed

Derek Ullman

Tommy Quesnel

Gotta love that mane on Tommy! Let's not forget our Holmes veterans:


Meow!!! Mike has stated that he was "working out with a trainer." A friend of mine says that Mike has lost quite a few pounds and has beefcaked up in between the last series and this one! My oh my... I'm sure he looks absolutely dreamy, as usual.

The always handsome Mr. Bennett. Damon is suppose to be doing his own show soon, I hope it will air in the US as well as in Canada.

And then there's the always beautiful Miss Sherry. She's definitely not the mailman's child, she's the spitting image of her father, Mike.

Baby Mikey!!!! Holy crap, Jr. looks like he could bench press a truck! Holmes fans have watched Mike Jr. bloom from a scrawny kid with a "black belt in Nintendo" into... that!

Adam Bellanger, who is Mike's son-in-law, who is married to his oldest daughter Amanda. He's also the father of his two undoubtedly beautiful grandchildren.


Carlito!!! Carl Pavolic returns for yet another Holmes series. And as usual, he looks like he wants to start a fight. Quite an intense stare you got there!

"Uncle" Billy Bell, Mike's uncle (can't you see the family resemblance?)  Gotta love that guy's smile! He just lights up the room!

Oh Nichole. Nichole. Nichole. As a card-carrying member of the Fake Titty Committee myself, you really gotta watch where you point those things. I'm not hatin', just statin'.

What an incredibly handsome bunch!!!

I was so excited to see all the pictures and the updates.... and then, the worst news in the world.

We have news for our US fans. We just got the news that HGTV US is going air Holmes Makes It Right in early 2013. We are sorry for the delay - but unfortunately we cannot control the air dates! In the meantime we will be posting lots go great photos and video to keep you all in the loop! Thank you all for your support.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say it ain't so!!!!!!!!!!!
No but really, this sucks. HGTV Canada is on my sh-t list. No Christmas presents for you, HGTV! You have been very, very bad!

And that's it for now. Hope all you Canucks enjoy Mike's new show. We Yanks have to wait until next year to see the new series. Please try to refrain from rubbing it in. Lame :(


  1. So much for "early 2013" in the it is April and no Mike Holmes in site. We can't even get estimates on when, if ever, this show will return to the US market, and HGTV continues to feature a bunch of home improvement soap opera's.


  2. I'm totally with you! I feel the same way :( It will be in the US eventually, don't worry. In the meantime, you can check out the petition that we started here, petitioning HGTV to air Mike's new show...