Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OMG...Mike Holmes!

My apologies for being somewhat absent this last week... work has been a nightmare. Working for the largest residential solar company in the US takes a toll on my free time. I also did a minor renovation in my office, and for the last week, my computer has been sitting in the middle of the room, unplugged. That said, my internet access has been restored, and hence, it's time to play catch up!

Mike posted this video on his Facebook page on Tuesday. I can completely relate to this young fan. After all, the first time I met Mike I threw my arms around him and told that him that meeting him was like meeting Elvis and the Beatles. Although I have never met Elvis nor any member of the Beatles, I did get that same feeling of numbness that one gets when encountering someone really, really famous. Not to brag (ok, maybe I'm bragging just a little), but I have gotten up close and personal with Metallica, the biggest rockband on the planet, but for me meeting Hetfield was NOTHING compared to meeting Mike! So a reaction like this is right on par in my mind. Oh, and the hashtags are simply priceless. They truly reflect the reaction of a real fan:

"OMG Mike holmes is on my street! #Mikeholmes #hesonmystreet #cool #socool #awesome"

(click to view Hunter's video)


  1. Hanging out with Metallica and Mike Holmes. For someone so young you really get around! Lucky you, make it happen!

    1. Haha Liz... rockstars and celebrity contractors. I'm a real baller, aren't I? FYI, Mike Holmes and James Hetfield have the same birthday... 8/3/63! Just a fun useless fact!