Friday, May 30, 2014

Baeumler Family Foundation Gala Recap -- Part II

The second annual Baeumler Family Foundation Gala that was held this year on May 22, 2014 was apparently so massive, it outgrew one blog entry and into two! For more information on this charity event hosted by HGTV star Brian Baeumler and his wife Sarah, see Baeumler Family Foundation Celebrity Gala Recap and visit the BFF's official website.

Mike Holmes, who is a good friend of the Baeumler family, was in attendance with his lovely Anna at his side in a beautiful turquoise gown. From the pictures floating around on the web, it looks like everyone had a grand time. On May 28, Brian posted about 180 or so photos of the event on his public Facebook page. Here are some more photos of Mike from the HGTV-star studded gala:

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