Saturday, August 18, 2012

Canada's Most Trusted...Celebrity?

That's right... Mike Holmes is no longer merely Canada's most trusted contractor. As of two days ago, he's the WORLD'S MOST TRUSTWORTHY CELEBRITY. Well... the world's third most trustworthy celebrity, according to Forbes. As this Yahoo Canada blog entry recounts, Forbes awarded Mike the number 3 spot based on "awareness, appeal, and 46 different personality attributes." Gee... I wonder what those attributes were? Betcha I can guess at least a few. A nice smile wouldn't happen to be one of them, would it? :)

Mike Holmes makes Forbes list of most trustworthy celebrities

By Soraya Roberts | North Stars – 12 hours ago
George Pimentel/WireImageHe's already Canada's most trusted contractor, but now, Mike Holmes is considered the third-most trustworthy celebrity in the world.
In its list of most trustworthy stars, Forbes has awarded the Canadian renovation expert and host of "Holmes on Homes" the No. 3 spot.
Forbes used market research that ranked 7,000 stars on "awareness, appeal, and 46 different personality attributes," assigning each of a score and creating a top 10 list that also includes Sandra Bullock, Betty White, James Earl Jones, Tom Hanks, and "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe.
Though actor Morgan Freeman topped the list with a score of 112, Holmes nipped into third place with 108, behind Ron Howard, who scored one point more than Holmes.
"Wow. I'm #3 on the @forbes Most Trusted Celebrity List! What an honour," the Ontario native tweeted yesterday.
Michael J. Fox landed the No. 5 spot on the list. (Robin Marchant/WireImage)
But he wasn't the only Canadian to land in the top 10. Actor and Parkinson's disease activist Michael J. Fox, who topped the list in 2011, ranked fifth this year with a score of 107. He was edged out by former pro football coach Tony Dungy, who headed the Indianapolis Colts until 2008 and puts faith ahead of sports.
Two years ago, a Reader's Digest Canada poll found Holmes to be the second-most trusted Canadian, behind David Suzuki.
"His straight-forward approach to fix the mistakes from botched renovations is a refreshing sight for many, and brings a sense of security that people appreciate," the magazine claimed.
And Canada's TV execs seem to agree. In July the 49-year-old Canadian sold his newest reno series, "Holmes Makes It Right," to HGTV Canada. The show will premiere in fall 2012.
Here's the full top 10 list of Forbes' most trustworthy celebrities:
1. Morgan Freeman (Trustworthy score: 112)
2. Ron Howard (Trustworthy score: 109)
3. Mike Holmes (Trustworthy score: 108)
4. Tony Dungy (Trustworthy score: 108)
5. Michael J. Fox (Trustworthy score: 107)
6. Sandra Bullock (Trustworthy score: 105)
7. Betty White (Trustworthy score: 104)
8. James Earl Jones (Trustworthy score: 104)
9. Tom Hanks (Trustworthy score: 103)
10. Mike Rowe (Trustworthy score: 103)

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