Saturday, August 11, 2012

Celebrities NOT Behaving Badly

Mike Holmes has said he hates being called a celebrity, even though everywhere he goes, there's bound to be a person or two or three or four or more who want to take a moment or two with him. One thing is for sure, he really knows how to treat his fans. I found this relatively recent blog entry from a couple, Susan and Mike, who encountered Mike Holmes in a Halifax restaurant. Needless to say, Mike was the paradigm of graciousness.

halifax highlight, making it right with mike holmes

Posted by susan on August 22nd, 2011. Filed under: getaways.
We had just finished eating dinner at the hotel restaurant and it was meant to be a low key night, but as we walked toward the lobby, Mike thought he caught someone special in the corner of his eye. We took a few steps back and sure enough, it was him.
Our new friend, Mike Holmes.
mike holmes
Not that we’ve encountered many celebrity sightings, but I have to convey that for Mike – my Mike – it was really out of character to so brazenly, in his polite, gentlemanly manner, approach someone while they were eating dinner to get a photo. But that just goes to show how cool of a celebrity encounter this was.
When Mike first apologized, then asked for a photo, Mike Holmes couldn’t have been more genuinely nice about it. He even recommended that we leave the restaurant and head into the lobby where the light would be better. Then, when my dad tried to take the above photo, Mike Holmes spent a few minutes teaching him how to use the camera on an iPhone – which took some patience.
We’re still glowing a little from this surprising run in, but it’s mostly because we were so pleased to see that Mike Holmes is as nice a guy in person as he is on TV.
What’s your nicest celebrity encounter?

It's nice to see a celebrity NOT behaving badly, someone who's genuinely nice and appreciative to people, even in the middle of dinner. And from watching that episode of Top Chef Canada, we all know how much Mike loves dinner, so that speaks volumes! :-)

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