Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Keep Smiling :-D

One of Mike Holmes' many catchphrases is "keep smiling." In light of this, I thought it would be a good idea to hunt out some of the internet's best parodies of Mike and his shows. Mike is well known for being a proud and unabashed over-doer. Everyone knows that if Mike builds a house or a deck, it's going to be the only thing standing after the apocalypse. For this, he has become the punchline of quite a few YouTube videos. It's all in good fun, eh?

"Whoever the contractor is on this, I'm going to eat their eyeballs so he can see how pissed off I

If you change a light bulb, get a permit. And always insist your contractor wear overalls, or else the job just ain't going to get done.

"Many people think the toilet needs to go in the bathroom. I think the toilet can go anywhere in the house... even in the middle of the room." And don't forget to make sure the the toilet seat is level.

It's not just a home inspection... it's a HOWES inspection!

So what if your contractor goes $750,000 over budget...as long as everybody's smiling...

Love to watch professionals work!

The overalls don't come off...

Well here's the problem. There's a huge hole in your drywall.

And who could forget that damn load-bearing cat?

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