Monday, August 13, 2012

"Make It Right" Mike Talks Home Safety

To Mike Holmes, making it right and making it safe go hand in hand. In this LA Times article Mike specifically addresses properly maintaining the home for health and safety reasons. Leaky roofs can lead to mold, poorly sealed garages can allow dangerous fumes to infiltrate your home, and cracks in the foundation can lead to radon gas poisoning if you live in areas of the country where radon is an issue (such as Wyoming, for instance). As Mike states, it's more than just maintaining your home, it's about protecting yourself and your family from potentially hazardous gasses, elements and situations.

Mike Holmes: "Make It Right" Mike talks home safety
August 7, 2012, 4:00 p.m.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Taking care of it makes sense. It’s smart for you, it’s smart for your family and it’s smart for your investment.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners think that maintenance isn’t important. The truth is that poorly maintained homes often lead to bigger problems. Expensive problems. Problems that put your health -- and the health of your family -- at risk.

A leaky roof or poor ventilation can cause mold. A garage not properly sealed allows dangerous fumes to seep in. Bad wiring can lead to fires.

Look at the facts. Deteriorated lead-based paint is the leading cause of lead poisoning. If a home was built before 1940 there’s an 87% chance it contains lead paint.

Unfinished floors or cracks in the foundation are entry points for radon gas. Don’t think it’s an issue? Think again. It’s estimated that 20,000 people die every year in the U.S. due to radon poisoning.

What about asbestos? Before the 1980s, asbestos was used in all kinds of building products. Things like ceiling and floor tiles, plaster, paint, wiring, caulk, shingles and pipe insulation. We now know it causes cancer.

Bottom line: When you don’t properly maintain your house, you’re risking a lot more than just your home. You’re risking your health.

About Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes is known as “Canada’s most trusted contractor” and the man whose mission is to “Make It Right.”

Having worked as a contractor for more than 30 years, Holmes has helped people whose homes have been damaged, whose lives have been turned upside down and who have run out of options.

Holmes is the host and creator of the award-winning series “Holmes on Homes” and “Holmes Inspection.” This fall, Holmes premieres a new show, “Holmes Makes It Right.”

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