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Holmes Spot Highlight Reel - August 22 Live Chat

The August 22 live chat was a great one! Lots of very interesting questions, lots to pick apart and dissect, and lots of new information about Mike and his new show, Holmes Makes It Right. Here are some highlights from yesterday’s chat with Mike.

First, I guess I’ll do a little self-aggrandizing and report that Mike did (sort-of) answer the question that I submitted. Well, actually, he didn’t really answer it at all, he just kind of commented about my question... Which is OK with me, it’s his chat, he’s allowed to take any kind of tangential twist or turn that he likes. And any time I get to “chat” with Mike is a happy time for me!

My question to Mike:
Hi Mike, happy birthday! Glad to see you had a nice celebration with your friends and family, and I hope you got your fill of cake and got lots of presents! I’m the girl who made the Mike Holmes cartoon – it was a lot of work, but I had so much fun doing it. Animation has been a hobby of mine for years, and it made me wonder if you had any new news on the “Mighty Mike” cartoon? I know you’ve been talking about doing it for some time now. I think a Mike Holmes kids cartoon is a great idea! A lot of young kids already watch your shows and are inspired by you, it would be a terrific way to get the next generation excited! (Big kids like me would probably watch it too!) Have a good one, Mike :) Much love and respect, Raquel

Mike’s answer to me:
Raquel!! Thank YOU for the cartoon!! I loved that. Showed to everyone who would look at my phone. It's great--we're getting all kinds of great response from people who see it. YOU are a very talented young woman. Keep making it right.

That was very sweet of Mike to say. I think sometimes he gets so busy, his ADD kicks in. Maybe next time I'll submit a shorter question, LOL. Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way…


Mike is BUSY BUSY BUSY (did I mention BUSY?) filming episodes for his new show out this fall, Holmes Makes It Right. Lots of people asked questions pertaining to the new show, and Mike revealed some interesting things! He started out the session by saying he and his crew were working through “record-breaking heat doing renovation rescues like you've never seen.”

One person asked Mike about new episodes of Holmes on Homes, and Mike responded by saying that Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection were all wrapped up, but
“Holmes Makes it Right is going to air soon--and it's like Holmes on Homes on steroids. You'll love it.”
Another person asked about when the new show was going to air in the US, and if it would air at the same time as in Canada. Mike responded,

"Not the same dates--US is one week later. Date and time still TBA”

One person asked a question about the Jamie Bell Playground build (see Now That's A Castle! for details), and Mike stated that
“the playground rescue is going to be the first episode airing on the new series. You'll be able to see it in Canada on October 16 at 9:00pm, and in the US the following week--not sure the day or time.”

Mike told one person that the crew on Holmes Makes It Right would consist of...
“Pretty much all the same team, with a couple of new guys for extra help.”

Someone asked if Damon would be on the new show, and Mike responded,
“Oh yes, better believe it. In fact he's working I sit here typing...”

Along those same lines, another person asked about MJ (Mike Jr.) making appearances on up and coming episodes of Holmes Makes It Right.
“Sure! MJ is on every job site, working with the crew. You just don't always see everybody in every episode…He's always there--just maybe working on another site.”



There were a ton of REALLY great questions asked to Mike. A lot of new and interesting factoids shared (or at least new and interesting to me!)

Someone asked Mike what kind of IR camera he uses.
“I use a FLIR camera, and so do all of the home inspectors who work in my company.”

(By the way, I took a peek at the FLIR website, and I can see why Mike likes them. Not only are they high tech, but they also work with your iPad!)

One person asked if Mike had a college degree, of if he was just  smart. Great question!
“I am just that smart. haha. (Thank you)”
(Actually, Mike has two honorary doctorates from two different universities. Granted, he didn't earn them by sitting in a classroom, however, he was awarded these honors because of his exceptional life experience and service.) 
One person had a two part question. Part one was about whether Mike had an old home or a new home, and part two was about his mad drumming skills and something about Neil Peart (Canadian drummer/song writer for Rush. -- I think it's some kind of law in Canada that you MUST love Rush, or else).
“My home is an older one--built in the 70's as far as I can tell...I might just bring my drum set out soon…I think I might just play a set. We'll get some pictures onto the website.”

A couple of people asked about episodes of Holmes on Homes such as the infamous Lien on Me, and when would later episodes of Holmes on Homes be out on DVD. Mike’s answers made me enormously happy!
“It will be available on iTunes in the next few months--keep checking our site and we'll let you know.”

“…We're just in the process of getting all of Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inpsection [sic] onto iTunes. I hope that in the next couple of months you'll be able to complete your set (but they won't be DVDs--they'll be downloads).”

One person asked Mike if he had any youthful regrets. Mike responded,
“Yes, like any grown up, I've got some regrets: about maybe I shouldn't have trusted some people like I did, or maybe been a better saver, or made better investments--that kind of thing. But I know myself well enough to know that my younger self wouldn't have listened to my advice. I'm a Leo, what can I say? But on the whole, I'm pretty happy. I've got great kids, a job I love, good friends--it's all good.”

Lastly, Mike was asked who his inspiration was growing up. His answer is no suprise any any Mike Holmes fan, but it was touching nonetheless...
“My dad. Always and forever.”


Some other interesting things Mike said during the live chat is that he is currently “exercising with a trainer.” Nice! My fit tip for Mike… try the Paleo diet. You’ll buff up and trim down, especially if you’re as active as you are. (Mike looks fantastic just the way he is, in my opinion. Any kind of fitness plan is just going to put him that much more ahead of the curve!) As far as being a Canuck hosting All American Handyman, he feels just fine about it. In fact, he considers himself “an international judge,” just like the Olympics! Mike doesn’t have a lot of free time, but the time he does have, he likes to spend on his boat on Lake Ontario, “On the water, beverage in hand, good company all around, music playing. I don't even leave the harbour!” No surprise, Mike admitted to being a "construction geek" who wishes he had more time to research all the latest and greatest advances in the building world.

Well, that’s the Holmes Spot Highlight Reel for this chat. I think it’s really awesome that Mike takes the time to sit down for several hours every couple of months to answer some questions for his fans. Very cool! I’ve sat through several of these chats, and this one was by far one of the more entertaining ones. Lots of really thoughtful questions, and equally thoughtful answers. Thanks Mike!

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