Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Shows on the Horizon for Point Load Pictures

Yesterday on Tuesday, January 7, Point Load Pictures posted a rather vague yet intriguing entry on their Facebook page:

We'll be posting more here soon about our projects that we're working on! Stay tuned !
For those who don't know, Point Load Pictures is a television production company which was started by Mike Holmes and Peter Kettlewell. The company has toyed with several prototypes for shows, including a spin-off for former Holmes crew member Damon Bennett, "Damon Bennett: Restoration Co." Other shows currently listed as being in development on the Point Load Pictures website include "The Relocators," a show which will document people as they plan to relocate their families to Canada. It will be interesting to see just what the small production company has in store. Hopefully we'll hear more news later in the year. 


  1. Another vague announcement still pushing Damon Bennett & the Restoration Co. With him gone from the Holmes operation & supposedly planning his own contracting business why would he decide to leave. Something doesn't make sense. Perhaps he got tired of waiting for something concrete to happen.

    So far Point Load has done not much more than announce new shows. For Sherrie, even for Mike Jr. To get a new show of the ground requires first of all to find a TV network that would be interested & willing to consider airing such a show. Especially a show that would not appeal to people other than those that have a strong interest in historic homes. Restoring historic homes is a very expensive undertaking. A home 60 to 100 years old was built using completely different materials, with completely different or non-existing codes. As well, they're talking about doing one room, not the entire house & they only
    provide free labor, the material is the owners responsibility.

    Just because the Holmes on Homes show was such an overwhelming success doesn't mean that every show dealing with some kind of construction will be as successful as Mike's empire. Even with all their success there are still many things that they screwed up or that they could have done or still do that would make them even more successful.

    The question for Point Load is, do they have a firm commitment from a TV network to air the show(s) they've been talking about. That's the time to make an announcement.

    If Damon Bennett is going to start his own construction business he would have his hands full. To do a TV show at the same time is rather far fetched.

  2. I should mention that I have seen lots of documentaries where historic building were wholly or partially restored. Usually by governments or government agencies at a cost of millions of dollars.

    Regarding the "Relocators" supposedly in development that sounds like another sleep inducing spectacle. Packing & moving from one location to another sounds like a real show stopper. Maybe they'll drop some boxes & break a few things or the moving van has a flat tire. Anything to create a little excitement.

    Look at all the garbage that's on TV since the first reality show came out. Every Tom, Dick & Harry jumps in, trying to make a fortune.


  3. I see things a little differently. Bryan Baeumler has two TV programs, Leave it to Bryan & House of Bryan, & also runs a Construction company with a partner. The pilot has been made with Damon, now it is up to a network to pick it up for production.

    As for the Relocators, there is a lesson to be learned from this program especially for ex-pats who have to relocate because of business. The second part of this program deals with Real Estate Agents & the process they go through to help their clients. It is not an easy process to relocate. Besides all the paperwork, the packing & shipping to another country, there is a lot of emotions a family goes through. Again, it will be up to a network to pick it up for production.

    So I choose to have a positive attitude & wish Point Load Pictures & Damon success in the new year.


    1. I have a very positive attitude Gail or I wouldn't have made it to age 82 but there also has to be some realism. The reality of the Point Load operation so far is not that much to cheer about.

      After over 2 years & announcements of new shows for Damon Bennett, Sherrie
      Holmes and even Mike Jr. nothing concrete has happened so far. As you said,
      "it will be up to a network to pick it up for production". That's the fly in the ointment.
      Networks are only interested in one thing... will the public buy it & can we make money.

      As far as Brian Baeumler is concerned, I like him & his shows. But he has a partner in their construction business & his 1/2 hour shows are not anywhere as
      complicated or time consuming that the Holmes shows are. And Damon is on his own as far as I know so that makes it much more demanding to run a construction business as well as do a TV show.

      As far as I'm concerned, endless vague announcements don't mean much, people expect some concrete announcements after more than 2 years. That's being realistic.

      I wish all of them success not just for this year but for the future as well.


  4. Jundee, the point load website & Facebook make no mention of MJ or Sherri, I don't think point load has anything to do with those two. I think that was an idea that Mike had that will probably never happen, much like the Mike cartoon & going to Haiti. My impression is that Mike often speaks first without first getting the approval of his handlers. When I look at social media there isn't really a whole lot of interest in Mikes kids, a few girls & boys think MJ is cute & Sherri never even comes up? A while back Sherri was sent out to BC as a presenter at a trade show & there wasn't a single mention of her on social media anywhere, all anyone commented on was Melody Thomas Scott, a soap opera actor. If there is no public interest, there will be no shows for those two. Damon has quite a following, he just needs a more experienced/established production company perhaps?