Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mike Holmes Provides Tips to Make it Right with 3M Safety Products

On September 20, 2013, Mike Holmes was in Chicago on a sound stage doing live home maintenance and safety segments which were broadcast on local news shows around the US (see Mike Holmes Gives Home Maintenance Tips for more information). One of those segments was recently put up on the 3M DIY YouTube channel. In the segment, Mike Holmes talks about how to work safely using 3M safety products, including Mike's own line of safety glasses, which are designed to be stylish and comfortable.

While checking out the 3M YouTube channel, I was surprised to see other videos featuring Mike. Here's a video on properly using foam earplugs. Embedding was disabled, so here's some pictures:

There was also a video on choosing safety lens colors. In this video, Mike discusses how different lighting conditions make certain lens colors ideal when choosing safety glasses. Embedding was disabled, so here's some pictures:

Right after that, 3M had a video of Mike demonstrating how to choose the right hearing protection. From full muffs to ear plugs, there are multiple ways to protect your hearing when working around noisy tools. Embedding was disabled, so here's some pictures:

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