Friday, January 3, 2014

Who's Your HGTV Boyfriend?

I'm always a sucker for an article that points out the rampant eye candy on the HGTV network... call me a desperate housewife if you wish, but I vastly prefer the handsome handyman over any movie star out there. I'm pretty sure that every female HGTV fan has at least one "HGTV Boyfriend," if not more. Betcha can guess who my favorite HGTV "hunk" is... I'll give you three tries, but you'll only need one! In this blog post from, the author discusses all the "hotties" of HGTV that make home improvement sizzle. And guess who made the list? I won't post the entire entry, but Mike's in great company.


HGTV Hotties! Meet The Guys Making Home Improvement Sizzle

Someone call the handyman stat!
Desperate housewives of the world may have the hots for the pool boy, but you don't have to watch HGTV very long to know the real eye candy is the handyman and the landscaper!
So don't judge us if we're watching a Property Brothers marathon when we're not in the market for a new home—these 10 home improvement gurus are just too charming to look away.
Mike Holmes
There is nothing more attractive than a guy helping someone out of a sticky situation. So it's no wonder that week after week on show after show, we just love watching Mike Holmes save homeowners from remodeling disasters gone wrong on Holmes on Homes.


  1. Love Mike, but as long as Bryan Baeumler is around, there's no contest.

    1. In a battle of the baldies Mike wins every time ;-) personal preference I guess.

    2. I agree, Mike wins every time! No contest!