Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holmes Makes It Right and the Mystery of the Hidden Staircase

...Spooooky!!! Sounds like something out of  a Goosebumps novel!

Yesterday, a brand new episode of Holmes Makes It Right aired on HGTV/Canada. The episode was entitled "Mystery Staircase," and although I have yet to see the episode, it looks pretty creepy -- in a fun sort of way!

A description of the episode from HGTV/Canada:

Mystery Staircase Tuesday, May 14 9:00 PM PDT
Mike is called to a house when the new owners of a century home find out they have a third floor they didn’t know about. Mike and his crew tackle the restoration project and discover why the finished attic was sealed up and forgotten about.

 Mystery Staircase

Not to get too tangential, but I love old houses and old construction, which is a kind of weird thing to say since I live in Las Vegas, an area of the world whose official motto is practically out with the old and in with the new. We have very little old construction in Las Vegas that isn't dilapidated or forgotten. We implode historic hotels on a regular basis and build lavish resorts on their rubble. It's a culture that many Las Vegas natives like myself cringe at. (I even have a friend from high school who runs a website documenting old Las Vegas as we lose it through demolition.) OK, now I'm really off topic! What I'm trying to say is, there really is something special about the way things use to be done versus the way things are done today. It's not all bad -- we don't use asbestos anymore, and we got rid of knob and tube wiring. We use PVC instead of copper pipes in many cases, making for easier (and cheaper) install and repair. Just imagine what we could build if we combined the superior craftsmanship of the past with the technology of today... why, golly gee, we'd have a Holmes Home! Although I don't witness century-old construction where I currently live, I have witnessed it in other parts of the country, and just as Mike and his crew learned on this latest episode of Holmes Makes It Right, old construction can be rather baffling at times. You wonder why in the world they would have build a room a certain way, because it doesn't make sense by modern standards. This was the case when Mike and crew discovered a hidden third story in a century-old home they helped renovate. Here's a video clip, documenting their spooooooky find...

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  1. Did any one check census records? This might have been a room that hid a family member/child with disabilities.