Monday, May 27, 2013

Mike Holmes on The Show

There's not a whole lot going on in Holmes land right now. Everyone must be still hung over from the Bryan Baeumler gala on May 23. That was just a joke, no nastygrams please! :) While poking around Google, I stumbled across this older interview from a few years back. It was quite entertaining, I do say. They touched on a few subjects, such as the Wind Walk project, and how there were some issues the residents had concerning water usage (you can read about the Wind Walk water use issue here). Some of the other topics they discussed, sandwiched in between Mike's famous belly laughs, were older home construction, David Suzuki, duct tape, and the fact that Holmes on Homes is equivalent to pornography for a certain segment of the population. Mike, bless his heart, offers a helpful solution to all the men out there, like my husband, who's girlfriends and wives are sprung over him: "Get yourself a pair of overalls." Very good advice, indeed!

Listen to the interview with The Show here:

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