Saturday, May 25, 2013

Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter (or Eavestrough)

I just posted how I thought it was funny that Mike used the word "gutters" instead of the more Canadian accepted term "eavestroughs." Before I started watching Canadian home improvement shows, I had never heard gutters being referred to as eavestroughs before. In a live chat with Mike a while back, a fan asked him the question (paraphrased) "Why do Canadians use the word eavestrough instead of gutter?" Mike's response was "I don't know. Why do Americans use the word gutter instead of eavestrough?" LOL. Earlier this morning, while posting the previous entry about checking your attic (What's Hiding In Your Attic?), I thought I was real slick catching the fact that Mike used the word "gutter," a word I've never heard him use before. I even cheekilly called into question whether or not he actually wrote the article! That is, until I checked my Facebook page just now, and saw that HGTV Canada posted a DIY primer video of Damon Bennett do what else but installing gutter screens. *Facepalm* He even mentions at the end of the video that installing such screens will assure that he will never have to clean out his gutters ever again. *Double facepalm* Forgive me, my mind is in the gutter today.

Sick of cleaning out the gutters? Save yourself the time and trouble by installing your own gutter screens:

If the link ceases to work, you can view Damon's DIY primer here. At this moment, there are no geographical restrictions on the video.

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