Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holmes on Homes Launched on iTunes - UNAVAILABLE TO US FANS

In an August 22, 2012 live chat with fans, Mike Holmes announced that the Holmes Group was in the process of putting Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection out on iTunes in the coming months. This was very exciting news for me, as I tend to buy a lot of movies and TV shows on iTunes for convenience and portability. This morning as I checked my email, I was happy to see an announcement made on the e-newsletter (the US version of the e-newsletter, mind you) that Holmes on Homes was FINALLY out on iTunes. I was so excited... for a little while. As I began clicking on the links I soon came to the realization that it did not seem to be available for purchase in the US. WHAT??? My elation is now sadness, frustration, and a little anger, too. I understand Mike's a proud Canadian, but this is just bull****. US fans, as loyal and supportive as we have been, have been thrown over board on more than one occasion, and this is one of those times. At the very least, there should have been a disclaimer on the announcement informing US/abroad fans that they would NOT be able to purchase the downloads -- it would have been the respectful thing to do. Perhaps Mike's webteam forgot or just didn't care that the announcement as written would not apply to a large segment of Mike's fans.  Either way, I find it more than a bit ironic that in the press release given out by the Holmes Group, Holmes on Homes was described as an "internationally acclaimed series." Well apparently not so much, eh?

At first I wondered why they didn't post this announcement on Mike's Facebook page. They did post something today about last night's episode of Holmes Makes It Right, but failed to mention this. Gee... I wonder why? I guess they didn't want to be inundated, raked over the coals, tarred and feathered, bull whipped and crucified in page after page of Facebook comments they would have undoubtedly received for once again completely disregarding fans outside of Canada.

When I started the Holmes Spot, I vowed I'd keep doing it as long as I enjoyed it, and when it was no longer fun anymore, I'd stop. Simple as that. I'm not a glutton for punishment. I feel like taking a long break from everything Holmes for a while, including this blog.

See you tomorrow...?

With great sadness,



  1. Now you understand why I reacted the way I did, after busting my butt for nearly 10 years, when the Holmes Fan Forum was closed.

    I've mentioned this before but they either don't have a promotion & public relation dept. or whoever is running it is a first class nincompoop.

    I think the problems are that Mike is becoming to involved in to many projects personally since he is the owner & president of all the offshoots of the original Holmes on Homes show.

    No one man can effectively run everything by himself. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he was doublecrossed by someone he trusted in the early years.

    You mentioned that there was not much of an announcement for the recent mudrace in support of the Holmes Foundation.

    He also did not participate last year in the Movember beard growing drive & this year he also did not take part in the 450 M & M Meatshop across Canada 25th charity event for Crohn's disease. He's done that for years since one of his daughter suffers from the condition.

    I contributed to all these events, & I wonder how much more they would've raised if it was promoted more effectively.

    I personally think Mike is to involved & spends to much time on promoting his brand personally & as a result he does not have enough time to deal with the corporate details & paperwork that has to be done.

    As I've mentioned before, they also have a tendency to announce new undertakings & then it takes forever for something concrete to happen.

    Sooner or later you spread yourself to thin & I would hate to see them go the way of the Roman empire.

    I don't blame you for feeling the way you do right now. I've been there & know how frustrating it can be.

    No matter how talented & skilled you are or how
    well liked & people friendly you are, you must be able to delegate eventually.

    They can blow a hundred grand & more on one episode but can't find the money for an experienced P.R.person?

    Facebook alone is not going to cut it. Most of the info posted looks more canned than coming from the man himself.

    That's my rant for the day.

    1. I knew that out of anyone, you'd be the one to understand, because you've been there and back. I do think Mike is spread too thin, and I hope he can figure that out, for his own company's sake, and for his own health.

  2. I don't blame you Raquel. I am still a fan of Mike's but not an avid fan as I once used to be. I started to lose interest when the whole thing with the magazine took place. I've heard Mike spout things during episodes of Holmes on Homes when he would say, "if you make a mistake, be a man and admit it". I never saw Mike come forward and say anything when the magazine folded that any of this was his fault. It boils down to this, if it carries your name, then the buck stops with you. Step up and say you made a mistake, even if the mistake was made by someone on your staff, it's still your name in question. I later heard from someone after Mike did the initial US tour to promote the US version of the Holmes Magazine, that he was no longer interested in promoting it. He had originally said he would do another promotional tour to other parts of the US but that never happened. When he last did the American Handyman Challenge as an official judge, I saw something different with Mike. I couldn't put my finger on it but he just wasn't the way he had been on the last 2 challenges. Then someone made the statement that Mike was too arrogant. I think that is what I saw in Mike. He got too big for his own good. Too many fingers in the pie, whatever you want to call it. I even remember him making a statement on the Marilyn Dennis show one time that the difference between Canadians and Americans is that Canadians are polite. I'm thinking "did he just say that"? Of course, he probably didn't think the video clip would make it outside of Canada but someone posted it on Facebook. I think Mike needs to realize that many of his fans are outside of Canada and want his videos probably more than people in Canada who can see them more easily than fans anywhere else. Sorry for my rant but a lot of this has been bothering me for a long time and I guess I just needed to say it. I wouldn't blame you Raquel if you decided to take a break from this blog until Mike takes a good look at how he has changed and does something about it.

  3. Well life happens. If he wants to continue to court his US fans eventually he'll get the message when th $$$ stops flowing. Otherwise he's beginning to lose this fan.~Lilly