Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Holmes Makes It Right: A Lift Up


On last night's episode of Holmes Makes It Right, Mike and his crew help Maya, a little girl born with cerebral palsy, and her family after the one of a kind wheelchair lift they install doesn't work at all.

Mike and Maya

As one would expect from Mike and his crew, even the smallest details of the job were important, including color. Especially color. In this video, the crew fight hard to pick a color that works just right for Maya's new bathroom.

Mike Holmes made a comment about the video via his Facebook page:

Now this one made me laugh! I'm always most concerned about what's behind the walls. But its also important to make sure that the design (lipstick & mascara) of a room fits the homeowners too.


  1. Inspirational and incredible what Mike and the team did for little Maya and her family.

    So refreshing to see people who still care for others well-being and do not always put themselves first.

    Please keep doing what you do.

  2. Quite possibly my most favorite episode of HMR. I wish you guys were still helping people. I always watch the reruns <3