Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pictures From Last Week's Episode of Holmes Makes It Right

For all you lucky Canadians out there, it's Tuesday! And you know what that means, right? A brand new episode of Holmes Makes It Right is on tonight. Speaking as someone who can't watch the show just yet, you guys don't know how lucky you really are! I'm chomping at the bit for August when the show premieres in the US.  But just because I can't watch the show doesn't mean I can't follow along. Last week's episode looked like a real mystery. In the episode, Mike and Damon discovered that the century old home they were working on had a hidden 3rd story. After they made entrance through the upper story window, they came to the realization that everything was original plaster and lathe -- a renovators' dream come true! Even the funky linoleum looked old. Damon suggested it looked from the 1960's, but Mike felt it looked a little older than. The original staircase was so small, they speculated that the living space was perhaps for a child. The reason why I bring all this back up is because shortly after the episode airs, HGTV Canada puts out some exclusive photos from the shooting of the episode. The photos give some extra perspective into the before and after of the renovation. Here are the photos of the from last week's episode of Holmes Makes It Right. View them all here.


  1. Now here is the latest example of what You & I have been talking about.

    Tonight, at 9 pm local time, a new episode will be shown titled "Labor of Love".

    There is no mention of that on the Holmes website. The last entry there is from May 14th.

    I checked HGTV as well as a bunch of other places & there is no mention of it anywhere.

    My Bell Fibe TV which offers brief descriptions of every show has nothing more than the title.

    It's now 4 pm here & find it unbelivable that nobody at the Holmes operation had a few minutes time to make an anouncement.

  2. "Labour of Love" was on a few weeks ago, it isn't new. They are probably behind on production & have no new episodes so, they are replaying a recent episode that had high ratings & was mentioned a lot on social media. It's actually numbered episode #10 on the website.

  3. I recognised the episode as soon as it started. It first aired last month, April 16.

    It seems their first season is over & we're now into re-runs.

    It still wouldn't have hurt to announce that the season is over. Most popular shows do that.

  4. Well that explains why I couldn't find info on tonight's show... Gee are they into reruns already? Time flies!

  5. Here's a rundown of the number of episodes per season:

    Hoolmes on Homes - Total: 7 seasons, 14 episodes for the first 5 seasons & 13 for the last 2.

    Holmes Inspection - 4 seasons, 13 episodes for the first 3 season & 12 for the last one.

    Holmes Makes it Right - 1 season, 14 episodes.

    Holmes in New Orleans - 1 Season, 6 episodes.

    Lean on Me Special - 1 season, 2 episodes.

    So it looks like with 14 episodes completed in the 1st season of Holmes Makes it Right it looks like last week was the last new episode & from now on it'll be re-runs.

    1. Wow, I'm really dumb... I thought they were in season 2 already. They had a long break in between episodes, but they're still in season 1? That's interesting. Hmmm. I thought a season was like 3-4 months, but I guess they have long production lags with the way they shoot.

  6. That may have something to do with why it's taken so long for a US network to pick it up. They are a bigger network & probably don't have the patience for a disorganized or slow production schedule. They probably wanted to wait until they could have a complete season to add into their roster. Their sponsors probably pay big bucks for advertising time & don't want to wait for episodes to trickle in.

    The US is such a big market, there are so many different shows in production, so many to choose from, they don't need to be at the mercy of the holmes production schedule. They would want to keep their advertisers happy first, the holmes show will be available for them to purchase whenever they want it.

    1. That's probably true to a certain extent. I don't really blame them so much for their slow production schedule. I think the issues that make the production of new episodes slow is the same thing that makes them worth watching and seperates them from other shows in the same genre. But still... I can see how that would make them less appealing to a big network with a tight schedule. I remember a couple of months back something mentioned about being "behind schedule" and they were asking for smaller projects that could easilly be completed in a short amount of time. Those big monmumental projects are entertaining to watch, but they sure do take lots of time.

  7. Also remember when Mike started that first season was a 1/2 hour show & he only wanted to do it for 2 years.

    Compared to what he did in later years, the shows in the beginning were comparatively simple.

    Nobody expected the astonishing success the show generated when it became the highest rated show on HGTV.

    Mike would do 2 seasons per year, usually in the spring & fall. It was also fairly simple compared to later years when he got involved in more & more projects apart from the show.

    Compared to what he's involved in now, those early years were a milk

    I checked the schedule for the next 4 weeks & all upcoming episoes are repeats of the first season. I would think, providing they're planning on more "Holmes Makes it Right episodes that new shows will show up in late fall.