Saturday, May 4, 2013

Point Load Pictures Casting For Damon Bennett Restoration Co.

Yesterday, Mike Holmes and Peter Kettlewell's television production company Point Load Pictures shared some more information via Facebook about casting for Damon's up-and-coming television series, Damon Bennett Restoration Co. The Point Load Pictures website also announced that they have some "DIY Primers" (short video clips) of Damon in action, which seem to be linked from the Point Load website to HGTV Canada. I'm not sure if the clips have been online for a while or if they are a recent addition -- either way, they're fantastic! I really enjoyed watching them. All in all, they have 16 clips posted, each several minutes in length, showing Damon hard at work performing tasks such installing baseboards, installing laminate, replacing a storm door, and my personal favorite (because it's something I've had to do quite recently), replacing an exterior light.

The only thing I'm sad about is that the chances of the US getting to see Damon's show in the future are pretty much zilch. Watching these clips and seeing Damon being able to do what he does without Mike is really different, in a good way.

Regarding the casting announcement, Point Load Pictures posted this to their website:


Do you own a home with interesting historical attributes? Are you looking to restore one room or area back to its original glory? Do you live in the GTA? We would love to hear from you for our new concept with Damon Bennett.

We’re looking for houses of all time periods and eras to restore: Victorian, Georgian Colonial, American Craftsman, Queen Anne, Edwardian, Mid Century Modern, etc. We want energetic, enthusiastic homeowners with homes that deserve to be brought back to what they once were. What are the architectural features of your home that you love and want to see restored?

Please send us an email at and tell us your story (250 words or less) along with a few photos of your home and yourself.

Please include ‘Damon Bennett Restoration Co: Homeowner’ in the subject line.
The DIY Primers can be found on the Point Load Pictures website here.
Here's some screen shots of Damon doing what he does best. I am pleasantly surprised how well he does by himself in his own element. He really takes command and shines as a leading man! I always knew Damon was talented, but I didn't realize just how charismatic he was. He certainly won me over big time, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for Damon Bennett!




  1. I've watched a lot of videos with Damon and the one comment I have is that he needs to stop calling everyone "buddy". Maybe it would be better if he learn their names.

  2. LOL! That must be a Canadian thing. Yes, he does seem to use that word a lot, I think he should take your advice to heart :)

  3. My first thought was, "what happened to calling in the pros?" But most men & some females feel they can do it themselves, so why not teach them the correct way. I loved the clips & my husband was extremely interested too. Great job Damon, I think the clips are going to be very popular.

  4. We watched the clips also. They do give you a lot of information on how to do simple things around the house. Thanks Damon.

  5. OMG what a silly thing to complain about. Seriously?? Everything the guy can do and how respectful he is to people and you complain cause he calls people Buddy. It's a term of endearment and respect for pete's sake. Find something else to point out.

    1. I don't think anybody was complaining about anything. Take a breath.

  6. I find Damon Bennett annoying as all get out. Tries too hard to sound as knowledgeable as Mike Holmes. Toots his own horn a bit too much. Not really diggin' Holmes all that much either, seems he's developed quite an ego and "God complex" since his popularity has increased. Likes to make it known that he's everyone's saviour and an expert on everything renovation/construction-related. A major horn-tooter, too. It's always easy to come along and critique the work of others and fix their mistakes and 'save the day' and look like the hero on a white horse but he comes across too cocky now.

  7. I think Eileen needs to stop being so cocky herself and get down off HER white horse! If you find Damon and Mike so annoying, then why are you even on this site watching the videos? Mike has dedicated his life to helping others in need! He has also spent tons of his own personal money to help others. Some of those people would have lost their homes if it wasn't for him! And Damon is a sweetheart, very caring, works his butt off and is very good at what he does. I'd marry him in a second!! LOL!! Keep up the great work guys!!

  8. Damon is annoying alot if people don't like him..he tried to much to be mike..the old guy was better..!!!

  9. Very good Damon! :) when will we be able to listen your show?

  10. I really like Mike's show and can't wait for Mike's production company to have Damon's Restoration Company show put on the networks. It would be a win for win for both gentlemen. For the people who really like both, it would be great to watch both shows.

  11. watching from Alabamer.. love the show!! Just from watching we have learned to be more aware of possible problems when hiring contractors for work inside and around my home.. Thanks ya'll!!!