Thursday, May 9, 2013

Momma's Boy

This last Tuesday, another new episode of Holmes Makes It Right premiered on HGTV Canada. In this episode, entitled "Over Their Heads," Mike gets involved in a project after a contractor bites off way more than he can chew.

From the HGTV Canada website:
Mike Holmes intervenes in a renovation when a contractor, who doesn't have the depth of skills for such a complicated project, gets in over his head in an open concept bungalow renovation with a Mansard ceiling.
Mike also posted a video clip via his Facebook page. In the video, Carl's mom joins in the fun. Guess now we all know where the Croatian Sensation gets his work ethic from, right?

And FYI - for all of those south of Canada, who are waiting patiently for Holmes Makes It Right to premiere in the US, I have somewhat good news!

I'm proud to say that several months ago, The Holmes Spot broke the story that Holmes Makes It Right would be premiering on the DIY Network in August of 2013 -- a far cry from the "early 2013" we were initially promised, but it was an air date nonetheless. The Holmes Spot then reported a couple weeks ago that two more independent publications had confirmed the August 2013 air date. The only ones who are yet to officially confirm this info guessed it... the Holmes Group. That is, until two days ago, at the National Hardware Show, of which I was an attendee. After the MyFixitUpLife interview with Mike, I chatted briefly with a man by the name of Seth, whom I later found out was Seth Atkins, cited by numerous sources as a director for Holmes on Homes. Seth was a super nice guy, and I really enjoyed talking with him. I feel a little stupid, looking back at our conversation. Not really knowing who it was that I was talking to, and seeing only "3M" as the company listed on his credentials, I asked him if he was US or Canadian. He kind of laughed and said with a rather obvious Canadian accent, "Oh no, I'm from Canada." LOL -- guess I have a lot to learn, eh? Perhaps, being the purveyor of the Holmes Spot blog, I should have a more thorough knowledge of the people who actually work for Mike Holmes so I don't inadvertently insult them! Regardless, he mentioned to me that Holmes Makes It Right would be premiering in August this year, on DIY. "I knew it!" I exclaimed, feeling vindicated that I had finally heard it with my own two ears out of someone directly affiliated with Mike Holmes. I asked him why it was premiering on the DIY network and not HGTV, and he answered something to the effect that HGTV was trying to give the DIY Network a "boost."  Mind you, HGTV and DIY are sister networks, owned by the same parent company, and shows often go back and forth between the two networks. He also told me that HGTV/US would be picking up Holmes Makes It Right as well, but didn't indicate when. I kind of got the feeling that the matter was rather complicated and sticky, and probably a little frustrating too.

So anyways... there you go. Holmes Makes It Right, August of 2013, DIY Network, USA. It's unofficially official. You heard it here FIRST!


  1. YAY!!!!!! From New York!!!!

  2. I love this website. Thank you for picking up the slack, there's quite the information gap, and I can get news quicker and more complete here than on Mike's own website. Do you get paid to maintain this website in any way? It must take a tremendous amount of time to do. Thank you either way for doing it. One question for you, was Seth aware you were from the Holmes Spot when you talked to him? Because if he didn't perhaps he didn't know you we're going to share what he said publicly? I don't mean anything by that, I just don't want you to get in any kind of trouble for sharing confidential information that wasn't intended to go on a public blog. I really love your blog and don't want anything to happen to it, so please make sure you protect yourself legally speaking. Regards, Liz

    1. Hi Liz, thank you for your kind words and your questions. No, I do not get paid to keep this blog, it's just something I do because I enjoy it. Sometimes it takes me longer than other times to post . Usually though I spend less than an hour a day researching and writing my entries. In the grand scheme of things I don't think that's a lot. Secondly, regarding your question about Seth, I appreciate your concern. To that I would say that I have full confidence in the professionalism of Mike's staff. Regardless of my "blogger" status, if what Seth said was privelaged information, I am certain he would not have shared it. The last thing I would ever dream of doing would be to violate someone's trust or post something private. I don't think that was the case in this circumstance, and although I didn't explicitly ask permission to share what he said, I did not get the impression that what he was sharing was privelaged in any way. Again, your concern is appreciated and noted! Take care :)

    2. Thank you for answering my questions. That makes a lot of sense actually, thanks for the clarification. Regards, Liz