Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mike's Ultimate Garage: Inside Look

On September 1, a two hour special aired on HGTV in Canada, "Mike's Ultimate Garage," which documented the consturction of Mike Holmes' massive 1800 square foot man cave. Because only fans in Canada were able to see the show due to licencing issues, Mike has been releasing clips on YouTube, giving viewers an inside look at the technology that was put into the garage, including a metal roof, 10 kW solar system with battery backup and backup generator, and interlocking stone paver system. Mike stated on his Facebook page that he was currently in talks with the networks to have the show aired in the US. However, I doubt he will be successful. I really hope I'm wrong, but I don't think US viewers will ever get to see the special, at least not legally. I emailed HGTV US and stated that I would like to see Mike's special. I got a reply back stating that it was impossible for HGTV to air the show because the show aired on Canada and they would have to obtain licencing in order to air the special. To which I replied back, so what? 90 percent of the crap on HGTV US originates from Canada and you have no problem obtaining licencing to air that, so get the licence and air it already! I'm paraphrasing of course. Please feel free to write HGTV US and make your voice known. I posted a sample letter and the direct link to their feedback page here.

Here are some of the videos Mike has posted demonstrating the magnitude of his mantastic space. That's not a spelling error... Mike's garage/mancave most certainly qualifies for mantastic status. See for yourself:

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