Saturday, May 18, 2013

Someone Got the Memo...

I'm not going to say that this is because of anything I wrote, but it appears to me that someone up the chain finally got the memo...

From the various Holmes Facebook pages (emphasis added):
Happy Saturday! We're happy to announce that Holmes on Homes Season 6 & 7 and our Holmes in New Orleans special are now available on iTunes in Canada. We were hoping for a simultaneous launch in the USA - but have run into some unforeseen FCC hurdles. We are working with iTunes and hope to have the episodes available in the USA in the near future. We will keep you all posted! Thanks for your support!
 Now, the reason I'm going to say that this was NOT because of anything I wrote is because this above was the right thing to do and the right thing to say. Any reasonable fan would say this sucks, damn FCC, can't wait for it to come out in the US and move on. I'm going to give the Holmes Group the full benefit of the doubt that this was the way they were going to handle this situation from the beginning, and that they were just a little late out the starting gate. So...minus 1 for being late, but bonus for finally making this announcement to your US fans.

iTunesgate is officially over, and the Holmes Spot blog has called off further investigation into the matter. (LOL)


  1. Dittos, Raquel.

  2. I'm one person happy to hear that but I did comment on their Facebook post that when I tried to download and it asked me to choose an application, makes me think that these episodes are made to be downloaded to an iPad, iPhone, iPod or some type of other tablet or maybe an Android device. I wanted to download to my computer and there was no option for that so, I guess we'll see how this all turns out.

    1. ... now I could be wrong, as I often am, but I believe if you download something for an ipod, you also are able to view it on a computer. I download tons of stuff for my ipod. I also have an iphone but for some reason I just find it more handy to download things to my ipod. Any video I've ever downloaded I have also been able to view using my PC. If I'm wrong, somebody please correct me.

  3. I have an iPod but it's a Shuffle, the least expensive of all things Apple. I can't view anything on it and I also have a Kindle Fire. That's why I wanted an option to download to my PC.

    1. Joanne, I don't think it will be a problem. I THINK (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that if you download it via iTunes, you should be able to view it using your PC. I have full length movies downloaded via itunes for my ipod and I can easilly view them using my PC. I hope I'm not wrong, maybe something has changed, but I don't think I am.

  4. Didn't I say earlier...

    "There are MANY MANY issues with taking that programming and selling it in a foreign (that's US) market that you may not be considering. Many issues with copyright, trademarks, music clearance, etc. Heck, the cast may even need SAG cards for all we know. All that takes time to work out."

    So, one of those unknown issues rose up and bit someone in the backside. Who knew the FCC would be involved in this? Still, it does feel nice to be right now and then.

    I've just reminded myself that it is unseemly to squabble with tv show fans on message boards, so I will trouble you no further. Enjoy the show when you get to see it. It is truly worth the wait. Have a nice day!

    1. The issue was NOT the fact that it wasn't available, it was that they did not announce it to the US. My complaint was their blanket statment that it was "available" and it wasn't.

      "This was not just because of iTunes, but because Mike's US fans were summarily dismissed -- deemed non-existent -- by the way the iTunes thing was announced on both, and in the e-newsletter, of which there is a separate US and Canadian version. The announcement failed to mention that a large segment of Mike's fanbase would be ineligible to participate."

      " At the very least, there should have been a disclaimer on the announcement informing US/abroad fans that they would NOT be able to purchase the downloads -- it would have been the respectful thing to do. Perhaps Mike's webteam forgot or just didn't care that the announcement as written would not apply to a large segment of Mike's fans."

      You're criticizing apples when the issue was oranges. Don't you feel foolish now? You were as wrong and ignorant then as you are now. Sorry to burst your wee little bubble.

    2. Oh snap!!!! It's a waste of time arguing with TV show fans says the man arguing with TV show fans.

      Do you realize the issue was not the TV show itself but respect for Mike's fans in the U.SA.? It was about how the announcement on the website or newsletter did not tell U.S.A. fans that we couldn't Download the episodes. And who the hell is talking about the NEW show? Not anyone but you. Zooooom... Did you hear that? That was the point and you missed it.

    3. Oh dear, please do forgive me for getting the current rant mixed up with the previous rant about "HMIR" not being on down here in the US. So difficult to keep track sometimes.

      Good God. Somehow someone screwed up. Stop taking it so personally. Nobody intended to insult or diss US residents. Please get used to the fact that the United States is not the center of anyone's universe.

      No, I don't feel foolish. The foolish ones are there on the other side.

    4. Missing the point. No one argued that the US was the center of anything. You should feel foolish for your foolish comment.

  5. "Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing."

    Lt. Commander Data, Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Episode 10 "Haven"

    1. As the one above stated so eloquently, bickering from the man arguing against bickering. That's like the old cartoon with the mom beating her child screaming "I told you not to hit your sister!!!" Ironic... We start arguments that we cannot finish and then attempt to guilt others when we are put in our places. This is my blog with my reputation attached. I have a vested interest in this so-called bickering that you started. So tell me, what's your excuse?

  6. To clarify for any who missed my original point, US fans were sent a US-specific e-newsletter with links to the Canadian iTunes Store that they couldn't use. There was a blanket announcement given to all fans Canadian, US, and abroad that these shows were available, presumably to ALL, but they were not. That was the problem -- a lack of communication and a disregard for anyone who would have to find out the hard way like I did that those links didn't work for all those outside of Canada. I stand by my frustration 110 percent, and because people like me chose to speak up, the problem was addresses. To try to twist or manipulate any of this into some sort of ethnocentrism on my part is completely misguided. I said nothing incorrect and I stand by my words and actions 110 percent. I take nothing back, and I'm certainly not ashamed of anything I said, because I was right.

  7. My name is Nancy I am one of Mike's US fans from Oklahoma. I have been following this blog for around 8 mos. and I would like to contribute to the discussion. I too read the email about the iTunes. I too clicked on the iTunes Store and got blocked. I understand how Rachel is feeling because I felt it too. One thing to understand is that the email that mike sends is country specific. The US gets one and Canada gets a slightly different one most of the time because sometimes there is different information. For instance the Filtretr healthy home contest is US only and the Canadians did not get info pertaining to a contest they were not able to enter in. It's easy to see why. So when US fans were sent info about this iTunes and weren't allowed to buy the shows, I wondered why it was in our newsletter. It was a mistake. I really liked what Rachel had to say, it was expressive, sine English is my second language I cannot write as clearly and expressively.
    Next, I laughed at how one poster kept trying to turn Rachel into a biggot who only sees the US and doesn't understand that Canada is its own country. I am from Poland, and I learned more about Canada from reading holmes spot then I ever did in school or anywhere. Rachel talks about Canada so much I was surprised to read that she is from the UNited States. How someone can speak of a "foreign" country with respect like Rachel and then be accused of bigotry is beyond my understanding.
    Next Rachel is a big and loving fan, and I believe she understands things well and she only wants to help not hurt Mike. She voiced for me what I would be incapable to say. I was very mad, and I was feeling left out and betrayed by my hero, and because of Rachel, I know I'm not alone. And now they acknowledged their mistake and Made It Right! And Rachel gives them respect and credit for it, because she's fair.
    Long story short, Rachel was fair in her critique, she was speaking only what everybody already thought, and I'm grateful for it. She is no bigot, she has a good perspective, and I trust her to be fair and if she did make a mistake, I know she would own up. But this was no mistake. The US fans are just as loyal as the Canadian ones, so we deserve equal consideration. Thank you Rachel for saying so and not being afraid. You are a mouse standing up against a lion, and I think you might have won. Good luck!

  8. It seems to me that 'anonymous' is taking what The Holmes Spot said personally. Why are you so defensive, was it you perhaps, who made the mistake at the holmes group? This person is awfully defensive to just be a fan, I think they either know mike or work for him. I'm canadian & I also agree with everything the holmes spot has said & don't feel it has anything to do with Canada vs US, that wasn't the point at all. Everything was well said & backed up. It's called tough love, sometimes the truth hurts.

  9. Let's put something in the proper perspective.

    Up to yesterday, the Holmes Blog Spot published 128 events relating to Mike's activities since the start of this year.

    The Holmes website has published 35 events during this same period.

    Raquel has something nearly every day or at most every second day.
    The Holmes website frequently has gaps of 3 weeks or more between announcements.

    So, who is more effective keeping Mike's fans informed?

    Secondly, who tends to benefit more from up-to-date information regarding his activities. Certainly not Raquel.

    So if she, as well as I & others say that the Holmes website sucks when it comes keeping fans informed we are not inventing this out of thin air.

    Besides, I have commented on the short comings of their website long befor Raquel started her blog. So if anybody wants to pick on somebody over this issue they should pick on me.

    When the forum was still operating, I used to check the Holmes website every day so I could post the info on the forum because they didn't bother to do it despite the fact that the forum was also carried on their website.

    I guess a forum with nearly 80 000 members wasn't very important.