Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Crazy Fan Put Mike Holmes In The Hosptial

On September 20, Mike Holmes was in Chicago doing a "satellite media tour" emphasizing safety and home maintenance tips for the soon-coming winter. One of the segments ended up on USA Today, where they asked him a series of five rather interesting questions, such as which tool would he use to ward off a zombie apocalypse...

Things I learned from watching this video:

1) Mike Holmes' garage is macho. (Duh!)
2) People are freakin' crazy.
3) Mike lives in his own personal bed and breakfast.
4) DWTS is definitely NOT in Mike's future, as ballroom dancing does not sound very appealing.
5) Mike Holmes would ward off zombies with his trusty sledge hammer.

And last but not least...

6) A crazy fat lady smashed Mike's head into the concrete, sending him to the emergency room. I assure you, it wasn't me! I'm neither fat, nor am I crazy... just thought I'd put that out there!

From USA Today:


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