Monday, September 30, 2013

Mike Holmes to Build HOLMES COMMUNITIES Development in Edmonton

Living by a ravine in my neck of the woods is not such a good thing, but apparently it's different in Edmonton, Alberta Canada where a new Holmes Community is being developed. In a press release, the Holmes Group announced today a brand new development, the Creekside Ravine at Cameron Heights, would carry Mike's name and reputation as it's built along the outskirts of an environmentally protected area. Residents would enjoy views of the North Saskatchewan River and the Wedgewood Ravine. To promote sales of homes in the newly proposed community, a sales even will be held in Edmonton on October 4 in which Mike Holmes will attend and meet with prospective buyers.


Mike Holmes to build HOLMES COMMUNITIES development in Edmonton

TORONTO, Sept. 30, 2013 /CNW/ - The Holmes Group is pleased to announce the development of a new HOLMES COMMUNITIES project in Edmonton, Alberta.
Creekside Ravine at Cameron Heights overlooks the Wedgewood Ravine, with 10 of its 16 lots directly backing onto the environmentally protected reserve. It represents a project that fits the HOLMES COMMUNITIES mandate of responsible community development, while creating healthy living environments for residents and homeowners.
"We're building smart because as builders and community developers, we have a responsibility to build sustainably," stated Mike Holmes whose company, The Holmes Group, has a vested interest in and is directly involved in all aspects of the community's planning and development. "That means using our natural resources responsibly, like the rain, sunlight, wind—even natural overland drainage and bioswales. We're working with the land and building homes that make sense—for homeowners and the environment," added Holmes.
The mission behind HOLMES COMMUNITIES is to create a series of low-impact developments that integrate sustainable features while maintaining a healthy balance with the surrounding environment.
Residents of Cameron Heights will enjoy views of the North Saskatchewan River to the northeast and the Wedgewood Ravine to the northwest. The Cameron River Valley runs through the entire neighbourhood, and a 15-acre park site with trail system connects it to the ravine.
A sales event with Mike Holmes will be held on October 4th starting at 1PM at the intersection of Chahley Landing and Chahley Way in Cameron Heights, Edmonton, Alberta.
For more information on the Creekside Ravine at Cameron Heights HOLMES COMMUNITIES project visit or call 1-855-GO HOLMES.
HOLMES Communities is the residential real estate development division of The Holmes Group. The HOLMES Communities program promotes quality residential construction through the development of environmentally sustainable neighbourhoods, incorporating high performance home and community infrastructure programs. These include HOLMES Approved Homes Requisites & Guidelines, HOLMES Approved Builders, HOLMES Approved Staged Inspections, Low Impact Construction, Efficient Power Sources and Effective Energy Management.
SOURCE The Holmes Group/Holmes Approved Homes
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For all media inquiries regarding Mike Holmes, The Holmes Group and the HOLMES Communities program, please contact:
Amanda Heath, Communications Manager
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  1. As I sit here and write this, on a Sunday morning, I am accompanied by a cacophony of diesel engines, concrete cutters, and the never ceasing back-up beep of no less than 7 large construction machines. We are now into the third month of initial site preparation (soil removal, soil replacement, water/sewer main installation, re-grading, road building). In addition to the noise, foundation-shaking vibration, and construction related traffic, everything is continually covered in soil particulates; the wind blows, a dust storm to rival any experienced during the great depression ensues.
    As a resident in this neighbourhood for over 7 years, I have been exposed to construction continually... to be expected when buying early into a new development. However, construction of this nature (all the infrastructure in the rest of the development was put in place well before houses were first built and occupied), particularly on weekend days, is downright intolerable. More so is this disappointing, for as when it was announced that Mr. Holmes was the man leading this development, I firmly believed that full consideration to the minimization of disturbance of the residents who surround the construction site would be given. My residence is now a full time work site, with no respite. And once the site preparation is done, we can look forward to goodness knows how many years of individual house construction related noise.
    I understand that construction must continue, but I do not understand why it must do so every day of the week. 9-5, Monday to Friday would be acceptable to most people, I am sure. Hopefully Mr. Holmes can appreciate this concept, for as I look across the street and see his face beaming at me from the advertising billboard, I find it more difficult to not associate him directly with the lack of respect paid to the existing residents of the neighbourhood he has chosen as his flagship development in Edmonton.