Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Holmes Manual -- Pick Up Your Copy Today!

Mike Holmes is more than just a contractor, he's more than just a television star, Mike Holmes is also the author of several best selling books. As of today, you can add another title to the list of books Mike Holmes has authored. The Holmes Manual was released in Canada today though HarperCollins Canada. Fans outside of Canada can purchase the book through Mike's website MakeItRight.ca for 25% off. You can also enter to win one of 20 signed copies of The Holmes Manual via a contest currently going on through Mike's Facebook page. So what is Mike's new book about? What makes it different from the other books Mike has written? See for yourself...

Here's an article from the Ottawa Citizen about Mike's new book:

Mike Holmes releases comprehensive manual on home repair

Paula McCooey
Your house is talking to you and you should be listening, says Mike Holmes.
In his new book, The Holmes Manual, the celebrity handyman maps out virtually every telltale sign that your home needs attention. Whether its fogged up windows, a squeaky floor or a cold bedroom, the star of HGTV’s Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection and Holmes Makes it Right answers common questions and provides solutions for everyday problems.
While his previous books focus on hiring a professional, The Holmes Manual — packed with 308 pages of colour photographs, handy tips and sidebars — offers advice on home maintenance, including instructions for repairs and projects that homeowners can tackle themselves.
Holmes says he came up with the various subjects by drawing on common questions he received from audience members at speaking events across the country.
“This is the one book that I think can really help everyone,” he says. Using the example of condensation on the inside of windows, he continues, “There isn’t just one answer, and if you ask window companies and contractors a bunch of questions, you are going to get a bunch of different answers. What are the real answers and what are the real issues?”
He believes the more people know about their homes, the more grief and money they will save themselves down the road. Also, by recognizing red flags to potential problems — like curling roof shingles — they will be less likely to tackle a kitchen renovation first if they know they may be facing a leaky roof.
“It’s really understanding the telltale signs that your house is talking to you,” says Holmes, who has more than 20 years of construction experience. “And you need to recognize what it is saying.”
The eight chapters cover everything from exteriors and attics to windows, floors and plumbing. Within each chapter, he offers tips to help homeowners protect themselves such as going beyond minimum code when replacing a roof by adding an ice and water shield as a secondary waterproof layer.
He also includes photos of how a job should look versus a job gone wrong and charts with pros and cons of different building materials.
As well as a manual, Holmes considers the book to be an education tool that encourages readers to avoid rushing a project.
“These are all the tools I believe people need to read, understand, and more than anything, take your time, educate yourself and it will be a dream not a nightmare.”
The Holmes Manual (Harper Collins Canada Ltd.) is $34.99 at amazon.ca and chapters.indigo.ca.

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