Monday, June 30, 2014

Mike Holmes Safety Stories from 3M DIY

Mike Holmes has been a contractor for over 30 years, and he's no doubt picked up some wisdom and hard-learned lessons along the way. When many people look at Mike, they see the epitome of doing things right, so it's easy to forget that Mike was once a young and inexperienced contractor still learning the ropes. For the past couple of years Mike has been teaming up with 3M to encourage homeowners to put safety first with his own line of personal protective equipment. Mike's line of safety eyewear is some of the most stylish and comfortable safetywear on the market. Why is it important for safetywear to be stylish? Because, to paraphrase Mike, if it looks good you'll be more likely to want to use it. I completely agree! Last year, my husband and I embarked on a home improvement project. We bought one pair of Holmes safety glasses, and one pair of the bargain ones. The Holmes glasses wrapped around my face and eyes, better protecting them from debris. The bargain ones were clunky and allowed sawdust to fly up and into my eyes while I was working. Needless to say we fought over the Holmes pair, which looked and fit like a nice pair of sunglasses. The bargain pair broke within 3 hours of bringing them home. The bargain pair ended up in the trash, and the Holmes pair sits in it's own case and has been used several times over the last year. So I ask you, which pair was truly the better bargain?

Years ago, Mike Holmes almost learned the hard way about using safety glasses. When he was 22 years old, a knot from a piece of wood was kicked up by a table saw and nearly blinded him. In a previous interview, Mike revealed that the knot hit him just under his eye with enough force to give him a black eye. He was very lucky not to have gone blind, and he learned his lesson that safety always comes first. Mike is sharing that story of his near-miss safety accident with the world in a new video put out by 3M DIY entitled "Mike Holmes - Near-Miss Safety story." There are several versions online, including a 60-second full version video  and shorter, more condensed 15- and 30-second videos.

From 3M DIY's YouTube channel:

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