Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mike Holmes Q&A at the Toronto Public Library

On May 28 of this year, Mike Holmes had a super busy day, appearing on several media and news shows, as well as doing a question and answer session at the Toronto Public Library moderated by Global TV's Liza Fromer. The purpose for this media blitz was to promote his new book, The Holmes Manual, which hit shelves on June 3 in Canada. For more information on this, see Mike's Super Busy Day Promoting His New Book. Earlier this week, the Toronto Public Library posted Mike's Q&A on their YouTube Chanel. It's about an hour long, and it's truly worth the watch.

There's a reason why people love Mike. Yes, he helps people, and he's very knowledgeable, but he also oozes charm and humor with a hefty dose of personality and warmth. It's the perfect magical combination that causes fans to create entire blogs following his every activity :-) Needless to say, this video is a gem and a must-watch for every fan!

My only contention with the video is that partway through it, Mike makes what I consider to be some mildly offensive anti-American remarks. Being an American and knowing many good American contractors, I can say that a skilled professional is always willing to learn and take knowledge from the best sources, regardless of what those sources are or what countries they originate from. I would also like to point out that as a whole, Americans do not just consider Canada a country "way up north." In fact, I would say we consider Canada our closest neighbor and friend in this world. PS -- I watch so much Canadian TV I think I've developed an accent. Perhaps Mike needs to remember that his audience is far more global than he thinks, and that he shouldn't make sweeping generalizations. The world is watching.

Here's my favorite moment from the video above. During the meeting, a woman by the name of Angel asked Mike a question.

Mike listened intently to Angel's problem:
Angel asked Mike to "make it right" :
Mike helps Angel by passing along another contractor's personal cell phone number. Mike no longer gets invited to parties by Collin the foundation guy.* Poor Collin.
Additional photos:

*Probably not true, but I'd put money on it that Collin is a smidge pissed.

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